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NSW North Coast – Great Lakes to Forster

The Great lakes of NSW include Myall, Wallis and Smiths lakes. The Myall lakes system alone is triple the area of Sydney harbour. The lakes form a complex ecological system with wetlands, dunes, rainforest and […]

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People watching at Byron Bay

Byron bay is located in the far North of the NSW coast and has been on my must visit list for many years. Unfortunately I seem to have left it too long – the town […]

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Moree hot artesian baths stopover

Moree does not have the best of reputations, but we thought that thawing out in an artesian hot spring would be a nice way to end another long drive. I had researched our trip on […]

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Dubbo and Western Plains Zoo

We left Grong Grong and kept heading North along the Newell Highway with only a quick lunch stop next to the free camp along Lake Forbes. Click HereĀ for a post about a previous stay at […]

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Escaping the Victorian Winter – Grong Grong via Nagambi

We hooked up the van on a misty, drizzly and cold June morning and set the GPS due North with three people, three spoilt pooches and two vans. We were again on a time limit […]

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