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Thanks for dropping in and welcome to the home of the Tales of a Blonde Nomad, our Australian travel photography blog.

For the last few years my partner and I have been heading off with our caravan on as many trips as we can. Our two very spoilt dogs Flash (the spoodle) and Bonnie (the labrador)  accompany us everywhere. They probably would not let us out of the driveway without them. We are now preparing for "the big one", to be tackled in the next year or two. To provide comfort for longer trips we purchased an older Roadstar caravan towed with a 2018 Dmax Ute. 

I am a photographer and self confessed computer geek so designing a website and writing an Australian travel photography blog came naturally. I started the tales in 2015 using a free website, but migrated to this wordpress site in 2017. The Tales of a Blonde Nomad are primarily travel reviews but I will extend the site in the future to include photography for nomads and other interesting topics.








Travel photography

During our travels we keep finding lots of beautiful places. These always inspire me to pull out a camera to capture the essence of each location. We encounter all sorts of weather and don't always arrive at the best time of day.  But occasionally the place, timing and weather gods are in alignment and I am proud to have captured some beautiful landscape images. Some of my best ones are available for purchase from the Landscape Gallery  and Nature Gallery on this site.


We freely share our experiences, any advice given is based only on personal opinion and preferences. Therefore readers should seek professional advice on important topics such as caravanning and towing. Similarly the reviews of accommodation options are based on our personal preferences using the criteria stated. One of the great things about travelling is that there is no right or wrong answer and different people like different things. In our case we like freedom camps with lots of space around us and the ability to take dogs. We use Wikicamps (a phone app for Android and I phone) and the Camps Australia Wide books to help pick suitable locations.

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions for improvement please let us know!


Sabine and John


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