Eyre Peninsula – Streaky Bay to Murphy’s Haystacks

Streaky Bay

We spent a pleasant afternoon in the sleepy seaside village of Streaky Bay with its great pier. Many of the locals were fishing for blue swimmer crabs but the fish seemed elusive. There is an ocean swimming pool off the pier, complete with a solid looking shark grid; presumably to keep out the great white sharks that like to live in this part of the world. We did not see any sharks but a dolphin came up to play.

Murphy's Haystacks

We then headed off to Murphy’s Haystacks about half an hour from Streaky Bay. The “haystacks” are granite outcrops on top of a hill which were once mistaken for huge haystacks by a European immigrant. Took the cameras out for a couple of hours to photograph the rocks at sunset. Just finished when I turned around and saw the full moon rising to the East. Rather pleased with the results!


Murphy’s Haystacks

Accommodation Rating – 2.5/5


On private property next to the “Haystacks”


Flush toilets and BBQ shelter. Bore water

Dog Walks

Lots, you need to walk some distance to access the rocks

Local Services

None, this is a paddock in the middle of nowhere!


$10 to camp plus $2 per person entry


Plenty of room in a gravelled carpark, not much shade and expect it would be very hot in summer.

This spot seems to be popular with backpackers who do not want to pay for accommodation. We thought we would have the place to ourselves but had three lots turn up late, two at 10.30pm! They then proceeded to climb the rocks by torchlight. Not sure I would recommend this spot for anyone travelling alone.


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