People watching at Byron Bay

Byron bay is located in the far North of the NSW coast and has been on my must visit list for many years. Unfortunately I seem to have left it too long - the town has an interesting vibe with heaps of surfies and backpackers as well as some more upmarket places but it was not quite what I expected! We pulled into the road along the beach and the first obstacle was the parking situation - it was difficult to park with the van on the car and when we finally found somewhere the parking fee at $1 per 15 minutes was pretty steep. After figuring how to enter our rego into the meter, we wandered up to the beach area to be greeted by a lot of people and live music which at first seemed great!

Things went downhill quickly with the high tech but filthy toilets. A large snake was curled up in the sun along the main access point to the beach, pretty sure it was a python which is unlikely to damage anyone. Closer inspection of the people sitting around revealed an alcoholic sucking from a cask of wine and others who were obviously stoned and not impressed by the sight of my camera pointing at them! The girl with the pink bike wearing a g-string got our number 1 vote of the day.....

Overall, this would have been a lovely beach town 20 years ago and still is a good place for people watching,  and those who like cannabis. Not for us I'm afraid, the photos pretty much tell the story!

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