NSW North Coast – Great Lakes to Forster

The Great lakes of NSW include Myall, Wallis and Smiths lakes. The Myall lakes system alone is triple the area of Sydney harbour. The lakes form a complex ecological system with wetlands, dunes, rainforest and a huge diversity of birdlife. We would have loved to have explored this area a lot more, but we have dogs and most of the more interesting parts are located in National Parks.

The Lakes Way is a beautiful tourist drive between Bulahdelah and Forster with plenty of great views and numerous camping and picnic areas. There is a highly recommended camp ground at Sandbar between the lakes and the ocean (No Dogs, sigh). The very upmarket area of Pacific Palms has a couple of good surf beaches. The road then moves along another narrow spit along seven mile beach, on the West side is Green Point. I managed to take some lovely photos here – sheer good fortune! Soon after I took the photos a fishing boat came in and the water was full of ripples and the pelicans were demanding the fish scraps at the cleaning table!

We then ended up in Forster which I had been looking forward to. The location is great, with Lake Wallis on one side and a nice beach on the other. Unfortunately the roads were a rabbit warren, there were roadworks everywhere and the many multistory apartments gave the place an aura of yuppie luxury. Clearly many people love the location and shopping, but not for us….

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