Escaping the Victorian Winter – Grong Grong via Nagambi

In search of the sun

We hooked up the van on a misty, drizzly and cold June morning and set the GPS due North with three people, three spoilt pooches and two vans. We were again on a time limit as I could only get two and a bit weeks of leave. The result was a long first day, with Nagambi as the lunch stop for the day. The weather had at least cleared up and hit double figures by the time we bought out pies at the local bakery. Nagambi's main feature is the beautiful lake and we enjoyed the views and visited the statue of Black Caviar on the main street right next to the lake.


Statue of Black Caviar on lake at Nagambu

Main Street of Nagambi

Closeup of Black Caviar Statue

Photography Hint

Be careful when photographing a subject against a bright cloudy background.  In the case of the Black Caviar Statue, the cameras automatic exposure was trying to balance the sky and the dark statue and got them both wrong until I made some adjustments. In the photo with the lake in the background I exposed for the sky and lightened the statue with processing software later. In the closeup I used the exposure compensation feature on the camera to increase exposure by two stops. This made the sky white but properly exposed the statue.

Grong Grong Pub

We put in a good six hours driving and we very glad to drive into the great free camp ground behind the Grong Grong Pub. It is located on the Newell Highway  about 20km East of Narrandera. It came highly recommended on Wikicamps and lived up to its reputation. There is room for about ten caravans in defined sites, some even had mats. The toilets are accessible 24 hours, apparently showers are available for a small donation. There did not appear to be any water taps but another free camp site on the other side of the railway line had a dump point and a tap available. The couple running the pub were very welcoming and home cooked meals are available. We saved heaps on accommodation but alas spent far more on grog as the John and Alan drank the pub out of Moose!

All up a good stopover, Thanks Grong Grong!

Accommodation Rating – 4/5

Location Behind the Grong Grong Pub
Facilities Defined sites, toilets, meals, grog
Dog Walks Limited to the area around the railway line or along the road
Local Services Small shop, dump point
Cost Free
Comment Homecooked meals available, please support this lovely community which provides two free camping options


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